Covid-19 Information

The diagnostic tests used to confirm a COVID-19 infection are now performed in several public laboratories and in private ones accredited, authorized, and coordinated by the Regional Welfare Authority.


The following test types are presently available to detect the SARS-CoV-2 infection:


  • Covid-19 PCR test that highlights the presence of the virus’s genetic material (RNA). It is performed on a nose and throat swab.
  • Antigen testing (rapid) that highlights the presence of virus components. It is performed on a nose and throat swab.
  • Serological testing (standard or rapid) that highlights the presence of antibodies against the virus. Serological tests are performed on blood samples taken from veins or on capillary blood.


In order to have a test, you may contact:


Via Macanno, 69 – 47923 Rimini (RN)
Phone +39 0541 395599
Mobile +39 333 2848100


Via Settembrini, 17/H – 47923 Rimini – (Rn)
Phone +39 0541/319411


FARMACIA DELLA ROCCA (only rapid tests)
Via Emilia 150 – 47921 Rimini
Phone +39 054 1336280


In Italy the use of the face mask is no longer mandatory for congresses but highly recommended in crowded areas and indoor. The negative response of a test or Passes/QR Code/Certification is not requested to access the congress venue.

In case of cold-like symptoms with a fever of 37.5℃ or above, the access to the congress venue will not be permitted.